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July 2015 – The Honey Foundation Monthly Newsletter - The Honey Foundation
“We BEElieve the world receives hope through kindness”
honey for the soul
The Kindness Education Program with The Honey Foundation

Since 2012, The Honey Foundation has provided more than $50,000 in direct support to other charitable organizations, including the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the American Cancer Society, several local elementary schools, and other community-based organizations. The Honey Foundation’s mission is to inspire others to be kind by sharing the stories of kind acts. We lead by example and start the habit of kindness. Help us teach your students that kindness is the start to success.The goal of the program is to educate students and raise awareness about the benefits of performing Acts of Kindness as well as teaching basic life skills through kindness.  We believe each student can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others in the community. The Kindness Education Program focuses on rewarding and recognizing positive behaviors. Students are encouraged to perform, track, and share their Random Acts of Kindness, and can be provided with custom journals, stickers and bracelets to show their support. Each classroom receives a lesson plan appropriate for their grade level to teach these amazing skills. This Kindness Education Program teaches students and families life skills through kindness to carry them through their lives to promote happiness and success.

Waterwalk 5K

Water Walk 5K was a gargantuan success! It was a Soaking Great Time! For now, we’ll just show a little gratitude to the kind supporters who helped kick off the 1st annual Water Walk 5K at Wet N’ Wild, Phoenix, Arizona. From our hive to yours, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Our Racers and Volunteers. Without you, none of this is possible. Thank you for showing up and for supporting our Water Walk 5K!

We are currently taking donations to help educate the youth about kindness. We are looking forward to the 2015/2016 school year and we plan to bring the Kindness Education program to a school in your community. Please contact Jaime Clarke at or 602-615-8743, if you or any business wants to spread kindness with us and inspire others to be kind.

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