The Honey Foundation’s5-day Kindness Challenge

Kickstart to school kindness education program by The Honey Foundation

The Honey Foundation’s 5-day Kindness Challenge can start the “habit” of Kindness at your school during Random Acts of Kindness Week is in February during National Random Acts of Kindness day, February 17th. You can create a KIND culture in your school today! Random Acts of Kindness Week is a week to step out of your normal routine and start thinking of kind acts to do for others each day of the celebratory week. Share and post your stories, photos, video and ideas on social media and to inspire other to perform acts of kindness.


Benefits You

Bring happiness and joy to others

Creating A Habit

Kindness increases a sense of safety

Leads To Success

Making positive relationships

Start Your Weekof Kindness

If RAK week isn’t a great time you or your school schedule, you don’t have to wait for Kindness. You can start your kindness week any time that works best.

Performing acts of Kindness often, not only brings happiness and joy to others, but is very beneficial to you, the giver, both physically and mentally. Imagine, if everyone in the world started the habit of kindness…….. our world would be happier, more positive, healthier, motivated, productive, confident, collaborative and joyful.

The youth are our future, so teaching the youth this “habit” of kindness increases a sense of safety and security at the schools, as well as improving student participation, confidence, leadership and positive relationships, which intern leads to success in our children’s lives. Science shows that compassionate people are healthier, happier, resilient and capable.

Let’s teach our youth, the future, the “habit” of Kindness to lead to their success and to live in a world dedicated to Kindness. For more information on how to participate in The Honey Foundation’s 5-day Kindness Challenge please contact Jaime Clarke at (623)223-1982 or email at