The Buzzing Acts of KindnessMovement Started With A Small Act

The Honey Foundation is a Goodyear, Arizona based non-profit, with a mission of making the world a better place through random acts of kindness. The Honey Foundation was founded by Justin and Jaime Clarke in 2012 in memory of Justin’s identical twin brother, Scott.!

Scott’s Pay it Forward came full circle. Kindness spreads fast.

The Honey Foundation was created on September 11, 2012.


The Idea BehindThe Nonprofit

Every Mother’s Day, my twin brother Scott would give the cashier at a local Starbucks cash and roses, asking the clerk to please use the cash to pay for every mother’s coffee – including a rose – until his money ran out. He didn’t ask for recognition or repayment of any type. His only wish was that the receivers would soon pay it forward, too…

On Mother’s Day 2011, our mother went to Starbucks to buy a coffee. After ordering, she found that someone else had already paid for her coffee, and then received a rose. While waiting on her drink, our mother asked, “Who on Earth could have done such a kind deed?” The answer: her own son, Scott Thomas Clarke.

Sadly, June 3, 2011, Scott passed away at age 29.

During the eulogy at Scott’s funeral, I was able to share his amazing story about kindness and giving back to local women on Mother’s Day,” Justin says. “Surprisingly, his story inspired more kindness as a group of his friends collected hundreds of dollars to pay it forward on Father’s day, in Scott’s honor, at the same Starbucks that Scott did a month earlier…

Kindness Education From The Honey Foundation

Every HoneyBee makes our colony stronger. And with our sweet educational programs, we give the Honey back.

The Honey Foundation’s mission is to inspire other to bee kind by sharing the stories of kind acts. We lead by example and start the habit of kindness. Help us to teach your students that kindness is the start of success. If you are a parent or educator interested in starting the movement of Kindness in your school please apply today.