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Kindness Education Program

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Beecause one honeybee can’t keep the hive alive.

It’s the hive that works together to get the job done. The same can be said about Random Acts of Kindness. One man’s efforts amount to little, but we can change the world if we work together.

The Kindness Education Program, brought to you by The Honey Foundation, will teach your students the importance of BEEing kind by instilling basic life skills including self-esteem, confidence, positive communication, positive thinking, leadership, philanthropy and community.

Each set of grade levels will receive an age-appropriate Kindness curriculum. The lessons include content, pictures, videos and activities to be taught over the course of 9 months.

The grade level sets include:

  • Preschool
  • K-2nd
  • 3rd-5th
  • 6th-8th
  • 9th-12th

Program Goals

  • To use kindness as a teaching tool and instill healthy social and emotional habits that students will carry with them throughout their lives
  • To foster a kinder community within your school with the ultimate goal of preventing bullying between students
  • To inspire your students to be a force of change, spreading kindness throughout your community

Why it Works

The Kindness Education Program teaches students to effectively communicate with each other, enabling them to solve conflicts, express their feelings, and increase their confidence.

Through participation in the program, students learn how to be kind and how to perform acts of kindness. These healthy social and emotional habits will have an immediate impact on how they treat their fellow students and will be invaluable tools that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

“Any school that does not yet have an effective character education program should become involved with the Honey Foundation… The weekly lessons provided will give the teachers and scholars excellent guidance for how to make Kindness their primary focus in interactions within the school and others in the community.”

– Ken Olson, Odyssey Preparatory Academy Principal / Buckeye, AZ

Contact Us

We will assist schools with selecting the best Kindness Education Program to start the habit of kindness and create your kind community. Each school’s needs are different, so we want to help “pollinate” your school with kindness in a way that impacts your students the most.

Please visit our Educator Contact page to learn more about how this program can positively impact your school.