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Kindness Education Program Case Study: The Honey Foundation

Overall disciplinary actions decreased 51%

Hypothesis: If violence breeds violence – Is it possible that Kindness Education could then breed similar behaviors, and eventually overcome current-social negative traits at school, like bullying and fighting?

Overview: During the Summer of 2014, The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Charter Schools met with The Honey Foundation to discuss ways to eliminate bullying in their schools. (2 Elementary schools, 1 Junior High and 1 High School)

When the founders of Odyssey created the new school in 2009, they intentionally built a value system to include unique and exemplary “Pillars of Character”. Odyssey administrators assumed bullying would never be a problem in their schools because  of their character and value systems. However, they found that bullying remained one of the #1 problems they face, no matter how much they focused on building character.

The Honey Foundation explained the effects of performing acts of Kindness for individuals both mentally and physically. We discussed the possibility of creating a new curriculum for their faculty and students that could potentially drive positive behavioral change at school. It was decided that The Honey Foundation would form a new curriculum, a Kindness Education Program (KEP), for Odyssey schools to pilot during fiscal school year 2014/2015. Could Kindness make a difference?

Starting in 2014, 2,500 ODY Scholars from K-11th grade would receive KEP all year long in each Primary Classroom. Due to the initial success, the Kindness Education Programs were continued during the next school year.

After final review of the Disciplinary Summaries from the previous year to the year of the Pilot and the 2nd year of the KEP Program, the findings were astonishing.

Overall disciplinary actions decreased 51%
from 2013/2014 to 2015/2016 school year.

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