Become The Next New Bee Ready To Sting With Random Acts of Kindness

When you sign up for a Honeybee ID, you’re joining a global colony of do-gooders who prove daily that no matter how big the problems of the world may seem, any one of us can make a difference. All we have to do is take the time to show love, appreciation, and kindness to others. Take a moment to do something kind for a stranger, give them a Honey Foundation card, or pen with your ID on it, ask them to visit the site, and pay the good deed forward. 

With your Honeybee ID, your newly recruited New-Bee can register your kindness under Record a Deed, then sign up to join your Beehive, and the honey spreads! It’s that simple!


How It Works

Sign Up

“Get Stung” by the random acts of kindness movement that’s sweeping the globe! The Honey Foundation makes compassion and generosity fun, with a tracking system to watch your good deeds spread.

Bee the bee’s knees and fill out the form below for your own unique Honeybee ID. That’s how the people you’re kind to can register your deeds, join your Beehive, and keep the honey flowing!

Do Good

Bee a Good Do-Bee. Go out in the world and do good, just bee-cause! When you do, bee sure to give the New-Bee whose life you’ve touched something with your Honeybee ID on it so they can register the deed, join your Beehive, and pay your kindness forward to others.

Bee sure to visit The Honey Foundation Supply Store at Get Supplies for cards, pens, cards, and other ways to share your Honeybee ID with the people you meet.

Register & Track

If you’ve been stung with kindness by a Honeybee, bee sure to register the good deed here, that way they can see the lives they’ve touched, and watch their Honey Meter rise, while their rank on The Swarm Leader Board flies sky high! There’s nothing better than competing for the sake of bettering the world. Being the Queen or King Bee isn’t half bad either!

This map tracks the Beehive you’re in, and shows how far your honey has spread. Remember: Doing good is great. Doing great is better! Keep spreading kindness around!