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Spent time with a friend that was needing a friend to talk to during a difficult time.

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Helping nonprofits

We make a donation to the spotlight nonprofit at the grocery store when we shop and it asks at the check out counter.

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We gift essential oils to a friend suffering from cancer.

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Sharing is Caring

My daughter shared her lunch with a friend when they forgot their lunch.

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My son gave his friends a toy that he bought at Disneyland because he saw how much they liked it. He said, “It made them happy, so I gave it to them.”

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Making Friends

My son talked to a boy that was being mean to him and his friend. He asked him to apologize and told him he wanted to be his friend. The boy did just that. My son and his friend befriended this boy and had a great time together.

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EMP Busy Bee’s PreK

Today I pushed in my friend’s chair for him after he got up from the table. – Molly, age 4

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I gave waters to workers working in the heat. They were very appreciative and happy.

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