The Deed Feed


from JoJo

Helped a homeless man that was being harassed by some teens and gave him some money for food.

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help someone

from Odyssey

i held the door open for my class mates.I helped someone tie their shoes. i helped my friend put up chairs.

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Thank you to Bobby Z who made a wonderful front table for the Honey Foundation booth. We looked amazing with all the pieces put together.

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Air Fair Volunteers

Wow! The bees were awesome today! Victoria and Gabby you rock the art of random kindness. Thanks to everyone for your service today

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Cart Return

from Stephanie

I returned a fellow shopper’s cart in the parking lot.

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from Cyndi

im home sick and my son (who is a chef) made me breakfast before he went to bed after a long shift and a hard night. LOVE YOU DANIEL!

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Kindness makes a difference at School!

from Justin

THF is excited to begin our journey with Odyssey Prep Schools during the 2014/15 School Year. Our Pilot Program, filled with curriculum focused on Kindness should prove to make a significant impact in the lives of everyone involved. Thank you for this opportunity to prove that Kindness matters. Beelieve there is Good… In the World.

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Sign up

Nancy helped me sign up and get my ID. Thank you.

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