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Kind thought from employeee - The Honey Foundation

I took my 3 boys to Dave & Busters to have some fun after a hard quarter of school and a rough month on our family. My oldest son (12) recently had knee surgery and has to be in a wheelchair a lot, and on crutches when he wants to be more mobile. He has been in a bit of a bad mood lately, having been a very active boy. A manager at Dave & Busters noticed him having some trouble playing one of the games while trying to balance on his crutches. He gave him a full day, unlimited game pass. It was like giving my boys a bar of gold. They were ecstatic, and needless to say, we stayed and let them play games for 5 MORE HOURS! That really simple gesture made a world of difference to our whole family. Then when we left, he gave it away to another boy his age who looked like he wasn’t able to play any of the games. Good deeds really do spread!!! Pass it on.

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