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Message card

\”Be the type of Person you want to meet\” card found in \”This is What Happy Looks Like\” from Goodyear Library, AZ. I will leave the card in the book when I return it.

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Air Fair Volunteers

Wow! The bees were awesome today! Victoria and Gabby you rock the art of random kindness. Thanks to everyone for your service today

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Thank you to Bobby Z who made a wonderful front table for the Honey Foundation booth. We looked amazing with all the pieces put together.

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I found this story on the intranet, perfect example of kindness. A nurse left a letter in a study book for a student nurse to encourage and support the journey. Here is the link to the story.

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Starbucks Drink!

from Justin

Today I had a meeting with Jaime at Starbucks, and she so kindly bought my drink for me. Thank you so much!

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