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Teens empowering students with education during COVID-19

I am the founder of a Portland youth-led nonprofit called CyberBORN. We help low-income families and impoverished children gain an access to proper education and healthcare in Oregon and three other countries as well. As a part of our pandemic efforts, we have started a FREE elementary school tutor program where we teach the kids in a variety of subjects. We started this initiative to help enforce the importance of education past the four walls of the classroom. Additionally, noticing that there is a lack of mental health awareness in the community, we have also started a mental wellness initiative where we offer free classes for both kids and teens in yoga and mediation taught by professional teachers. We want to help our community have the necessary tools in order to manage their stress during this pandemic as well as develop a lifelong tool. More information can be found at cyberbornportland.org/cvw

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Taking care of our community

Placed painted kind rocks around our neighborhood to spread kindness and good feelings.

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KIND Messages

Decorated our driveway and sidewalk with inspirational sayings and kind messages to help others bee positive.

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I let about 5 cars go ahead of me in traffic

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Making Friends

My son talked to a boy that was being mean to him and his friend. He asked him to apologize and told him he wanted to be his friend. The boy did just that. My son and his friend befriended this boy and had a great time together.

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help someone

i held the door open for my class mates.I helped someone tie their shoes. i helped my friend put up chairs.

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I let a friend go in front of me in line.

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Free Games

I had a lot of extra WII and DS games that my son did not play any longer. I took them to work and let the kids pick some games and keep them. There were smiles galore!

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My friend was feeling sad, so I smiled at her and she smiled back.

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helped gather aluminum cans to take to the recycle place.