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Sneak preview of our age-appropriate kindness program curriculum and more.

Do you need a kindness movement at your school, club, or church? Want to challenge your co-workers, friends, or family to bee kind? Print out our free materials and start spreading kindness today!
Here are some fantastic resources to help spread the honey, just beecause.

'We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."

-Ronald Reagan

Kindness Challenge

The Kindness Program Introduction 

Grades K-5 B&W
Grades K-5 Color
Grades 6-8 B&W
Grades 6-8 Color
Grades 9-12 B&W
Grades 9-12 Color

Kindness Education From The Honey Foundation

Every HoneyBee makes our colony stronger. And with our sweet educational programs, we give the Honey back.

The Honey Foundation’s mission is to inspire other to bee kind by sharing the stories of kind acts. We lead by example and start the habit of kindness. Help us to teach your students that kindness is the start of success. If you are a parent or educator interested in starting the movement of Kindness in your school please apply today.