Free Coffee For Mom's & Dad's

In 2010, Scott T Clarke, started his own personal Free Coffee for Mom’s Project…Just Beecause. The Honey Foundation continues this tradition in honor and remembrance of Scott and his selfless Acts of Kindness.

On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, join us and inspire over 10,000 Acts of Kindness by sponsoring a coffee shop in your area! Every Mom and Dad will get a free coffee of their choice and a special sticker to celebrate their day.

Sponsorship Levels

Queen Bee

Exclusive Sponsorship

Bee the only sponsor for the location Sponsor sign at coffee shop Social media promos.

Kind Bee

Shared Sponsorship

Bee one of two sponsors for this location Sponsor sign at coffee shop Social media promos

Honey Bee


Just BeeCause Sponsor Social media promos

A portion of the donation goes towards kindness education programs at