Frequently Asked Questions

More information about honeybee membership and pay-it-forward campaigns.

How does The Honey Foundation work?

It’s easy! Join the foundation, act kindly to a stranger, then give them your Honeybee ID on a Honey Foundation sticker, card, or pen, and ask them to “pay it forward” to another person and register your kindness here online. When they do, they have the chance to join your “Beehive,” and keep the Honey flowing!

Where do my donations go?

  • Every dollar raised inspires over 5 direct acts of Kindness; inspiring hundreds of Pay it Forward campaigns in communities throughout the Globe.
  • Your donations support spreading awareness and education for Kindness.
  • THF Kindness Awareness Program “KAP” builds awareness for Kindness.
  • Every new story is an opportunity to inspire more Kindness.
  • The Honey Foundation Kindness Tracking System helps share your stories, inspiring even more kindness every day, in places throughout the World.
  • THF Kindness Education Program “KEP” is for schools, students and communities across the World to build necessary life skills in our youth, empowering each child to incorporate Kindness in their lives, every day.
  • Our Hive keeps the Dream alive.
  • Honeybees in colonies across the World are dripping their own sweet honey and starting their own kindness campaigns in schools and communities near you. THF will work to bring Kindness Education to schools across the World.
  • Each student is encouraged to perform at least 5 direct acts of kindness at the school or in their community. These acts will inspire over 500 Pay it Forward campaigns.
  • The ripples of Random Acts of Kindness are endless, ultimately helping to bring the World together, through love, generosity, and kindness.


Do I have to give my Honeybee ID to the stranger I help?

If you want your good deed to be registered, you need to give the people whose lives you touch your Honeybee ID, ask them to “pay it forward,” and register the deed here online. Of course, you can always spread Honey just bee-cause, too!

Does joining The Honey Foundation cost money?

Absolutely not! While we encourage members to donate and buy Honey Foundation merchandise so their kindness can be tracked, joining is completely free.

Do random acts of kindness really improve my health?

Definitely. Study after study has shown that positivity and kindness reduce stress, which is one of the major contributors to illness in today’s world.

Why do I need to track my random acts of kindness?

Simply put, it’s fun! While the initial act itself leaves both you and the person you helped feeling great, watching the kindness spread after makes it even better. It’s inspiring to see how your one good deed becomes a domino effect of compassion that touches so many lives.


Honey FoundationDefinitions





A structure in which bees are kept, typically in the form of a dome or box. In HF terms, this is the house that we all live in. The Beehive is our ‘world’ that we live and connect with others. It should also be used to describe adding members to a HF member ‘beehive’. That’s what we should call their own area within our site to add members and update on their current and updated random acts of kindness performed.

A user on The Honey Foundation who performs random acts of kindness.

Any Honey Foundation director, volunteer, or helper who assists in the foundations efforts to increase user adoption of our systems.

In biology, a colony refers to several individual organisms of the same species living closely together, usually for mutual benefit, such as stronger defense or the ability to attack bigger prey. Some insects (ants and honey bees, for example) live only in colonies. In HF terms, the colony represents the entire HF community. All of our members.

Kindness Education From The Honey Foundation

Every HoneyBee makes our colony stronger. And with our sweet educational programs, we give the Honey back.

The Honey Foundation’s mission is to inspire other to bee kind by sharing the stories of kind acts. We lead by example and start the habit of kindness. Help us to teach your students that kindness is the start of success. If you are a parent or educator interested in starting the movement of Kindness in your school please apply today.