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Track Random Acts of Kindness

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The Honey Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, committed to bettering the world through small acts of random kindness. Your generous donations help fund the movement by reducing the cost of supplies necessary for members to interact and track their good deeds. With your help, it is our hope to make these items free to users as we expand.

We’re also establishing an array of educational scholarships for our kindest, most generous Honeybees. A substantial amount of your donations goes toward funding these awards as well, further reinforcing the “pay-it-forward” concept at the heart of our foundation.

Here’s the facts about providing a $100 donation towards the Kindness Education Program for schools and students in the community:

$100 provides….

Kindness Education with Life Skills including some materials to 100 students.

Then those 100 students are encouraged to perform at least 5 acts of kindness at the school/community = 500 Random Acts Performed= Inspiring 2,500 more students/people to perform more acts of Kindness…… then the community ripples of RAK keeps building throughout the community and possibly the US!!!

Make a one time donation or better yet set up a recurring monthly donation

Gifts to our Foundation are tax-deductible. Upon receipt of your donation we will email you a record of gift receipt. Help keep the honey flowing around the globe by donating today!