Check Out Good Deeds From Our Hive

If you would like to submit a good deed you have done, or a good deed someone performed for you, please submit it below.
Thank you for pollinating the world with kindness!

New Good Deed

Laundry Soap

I come home today and there are 3 bottles of laundry soap on my dining room table. I thought my son had bought them to do his laundry. Found out my friend/neighbor bought these for me. I love my friend/neighbor Mindie!

Taking care of our community

Sent Thank you cards to Hospitals in hot spot areas dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.


Volunteered my time (9am - 2pm) registering players for the Autumn Classic Softball tournament today. Very nice to see friends I played softball with when I played softball.

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Blazic removed two of my upper molars under anesthesia. He took exceptional care of me and charged me nothing for this expensive procedure. My family and I are grateful and I wish to express my gratitude for his deed. Thank you Dr. Blazic
James McIntyre

Photo Session

I gifted my friend a photo session for her family and business.


Rick was kind enough to get me pizza for lunch the other day!

New Tv

My 15 year old 30+" TV (which weighed more than me) went out on 10/6. I had to pull a 20+" TV out of the spare bedroom (which this person also bought for me) to put in my living room. I get a call to see if I read my text (I was driving so didn't see it) and was told to go to Best Buy now. She sent me an order number, I go there, give the info and guess what I'm picking up? A 32" LED flat screen TV. It was hard to hold back the tears of joy but once I exited the store I balled my eyes out. Thank you Nan for your good deed!

Coffee from Coworker

I was surprised this morning to get my favorite coffee and a warm bagel....Made my day!
Kierney, Thank you so much!!
Love, Natalie

Soccer team gave my son a get well care package

My son tore his ACL, MCL and Meniscus playing soccer. After his surgery, his team made him a 'get well soon' gift basket with snacks, candy and a ball signed by the whole team. Greatly lifted his spirit.

Neighbors made Dinner

My son had knee surgery and my neighbors made us dinner.