Check Out Good Deeds From Our Hive

If you would like to submit a good deed you have done, or a good deed someone performed for you, please submit it below.
Thank you for pollinating the world with kindness!

New Good Deed

Coffee for ME. :)

After a long week, nothing makes your day better than a fresh Iced Green Tea to kick off my day.. Thanks to one sweet person; you know who you are! :)

Donut Gift

Today a young customer bought a chocolate donut to take home for her younger brother, who loves our donuts. :)

Helped a stranger

A lady at the store dropped groceries from her cart. We stopped and helped her put the groceries back in her cart.

Sharing my stories

A group reached out to me asking questions about Kindness, how it can benefit you and how to perform more acts of Kindness in the community. I provided them with the information to help them in their mission to spread Kindness!

Gave a friend a ride home

I drive my friend's son home from basketball practice every Thursday.

Clean up!

I picked up trash at my children's school.


I noticed a car behind me wanted to pass, so I moved over to let them pass by. They waved nicely to say thank you.

Witnessing Kindness

I witnessed my son sharing and giving Pokémon cards to his basketball teammates.

Gave a lift

Driving down the road and saw a 14 yr old boy crash his bike. His knees were skinned and I asked him if he need a help and a ride home. He said yes and I took him safe and sound to his home.

While at the gym, I left me keys on a machine. A kind "Do-Bee" got my keys and caught up with me to give them back!