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If you would like to submit a good deed you have done, or a good deed someone performed for you, please submit it below.
Thank you for pollinating the world with kindness!

New Good Deed

neighborhood fun

I watched all of the neighborhood kids to give the mom's a break!

Blanket the Homeless for The Holidays!

My family, friends and Classmates all passed out the collected blankets, jackets and socks at the Andre House in Phoenix. We were also able to prepare food for the homeless. We had about 25 people serving with us! It felt amazing to give back for the holidays!


My friends came over to play with their soccer clothes on after our game and I lent them my bathing suits to swim and clothes to wear after we swam. We had so much fun!


My brother and I gave a boy our bongo. We were at a concert in Rocky Point, Mexico and the boy wanted to play the bongos with us. He liked it so much that we gave him one of our bongos.

Gift of Gas

Gifted a stranger $5 worth of gas for his vehicle.

Helped my folks with their internet connection

I helped my folks with their wireless internet connection. They couldn't find their password so helped find it for them.

Helping My Cousin

I helped my cousin paint her room, and it looks beautiful!

Helping My Family

I did the beds for my mom, so she doesn't have to do it.

Helping with Homework

Helped my brother with his homework

Nice note for my teacher

I made my teacher a card to tell her that I think she is the best teacher ever! I also thanked her for helping me in school!