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New Good Deed

I was surprised

Giving Back and Paying it Forward

I am always looking for helping others wether it is with my time, giving food and money for the needy. Example: I was in Illinois for work and was stopped at 711 for coffee when a car pulled next to me and the lady was searching for change in her car ti get something to eat, in the store I was waiting near the register ti pay for whatever she would like, it looked odd to a lot of people so I waited near her car to come out and asked if I could give her some money ti buy her lunch and asked If I could pray with her, she accepted and she was very thankful. You never know what others are going through, we just need to have a heart to meet people where they are and offer whatever we can to lift people up. Thank you for my coffee!♥️


Free coffee in Mother’s Day ❤️

Jacked Mother’s Day

Thank You so much to The Honey Foundation for giving us Mom’s free coffee from Jack Rabbit Java on Mother’s Day! What a wonderful treat!

Mother’s Day drink for mother

Getting my wife a Mother’s Day gift

Helping with open hearts

Delivering treat to moms that have to work on Mother’s Day

Desert trailer systems



Ebb and Flow

Free coffee for Mothers Day. Thank you!!!

Free makeup application

Did my sisters makeup for the free