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Good Deed

Gave a honey foundation card to a mom with a crying toddler, she looked like she needed it.

The best compliment to hear

I had been feeling not the best after having my son. I had all these guilt feelings and felt like a horrible mother for leaving my child because I had to work. Someone must have seen how I was feeling because I received a message saying “ you are doing a great job mom” “ you are a great mom”. Absolutely made my day and made me feel good.

Starbucks Goodyear

I wasn't expecting a free coffee but I did! It was a nice treat, especially on Mother's day! Thank you! :)

Thank you for appreciating mothers

Thank you for providing Mothers with a coffee on Mother's Day. That is such a sweet gesture.


PCH nurses are the best! Thank you for all that you do :)

Buy nothing

I received a backpack from my local buy nothing group and while looking through it found the person's i.d. wallet, bank cards and some cash. As a person who is habitually loosing things I contacted the person and arranged to have it dropped off to get it back to its owner. Not sure she even knew it was missing. Which... same.

Helping back

My mother is a busy single mother but whenever I needed her she always came through was just always there . I had a surgery and she took care of my child so I can heal and rest . Recently, she had surgery and I helped back doing the same things,making her favorite meals for her and my siblings until she was able to do things for herself again .

A Little Gesture of Kindness for a Stranger

Once upon a time in my hostel, I was strolling around and came across some students who were there for the admissions. They were parched and wanted a drink, but because they did not belong to that hostel, they were hesitant to enter the hostel and get some water. From a distance , I was watching them, then I moved closer. I took the bottle from the girl's hand and brought her water. She was extremely happy and she gave me blessings. It made me happy. 

Spreading stress relieve kindness

I took my moms car to clean since she cant ever leave the house, and im going to fill up her tank and buy her and my grandfather groceries some things she doesnt have to worry about 💙

Caring for my family

My grandfather has stage 3 dementia and i am going over to make them breakfast cater to my grandpas needs and clean his home ❤️