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If you would like to submit a good deed you have done, or a good deed someone performed for you, please submit it below.
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New Good Deed

Helped clean

I helped clean the church :)


Today I went in to Starbucks to get a matcha latte.. to my surprise it was already taking care of… this was the best surprise today and on Mommy’s days 💐

Free coffee

Free coffee


I was cashiering at work one day and we have a regular that comes in with special needs. Him and his mom struggle paycheck to paycheck and he didn’t have enough buy his snacks. I bought them for him and since then I always give him snacks or buy him a drink of his choice when I see him .

Volunteer to drive widows where needed

Widow warriors fellowship once a month


Held door open

Room 39

Good food

Good food

I was surprised

Giving Back and Paying it Forward

I am always looking for helping others wether it is with my time, giving food and money for the needy. Example: I was in Illinois for work and was stopped at 711 for coffee when a car pulled next to me and the lady was searching for change in her car ti get something to eat, in the store I was waiting near the register ti pay for whatever she would like, it looked odd to a lot of people so I waited near her car to come out and asked if I could give her some money ti buy her lunch and asked If I could pray with her, she accepted and she was very thankful. You never know what others are going through, we just need to have a heart to meet people where they are and offer whatever we can to lift people up. Thank you for my coffee!♥️