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If you would like to submit a good deed you have done, or a good deed someone performed for you, please submit it below.
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New Good Deed

Giving money to homeless

There was a homeless and I gave him $20 because he was a father.

Father’s Day free coffee

My selfless husband woke up on Father’s Day to surprise me with a cup of coffee, turns out he would be surprised when he went to pay and realized that the coffee had already been paid for by this kindness foundation.

Caring for babies


Raising child

I have raised two children that are at least reasonably decent people up to this point.


Gave me a coffee

Sunday school

Worked in the young kid section during church service so parents could attend the service.


I helped tutor my classmates for finals and I guess that hard work paid off because I passed the class with an 100%

Appreciation gift for speech therapisr

My son gets speech therapy and we got a few little items to thank his speech therapist


I received such an amazing, heartfelt, homemade Mother’s Day gift from my nanny


Gave a gift to needy