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If you would like to submit a good deed you have done, or a good deed someone performed for you, please submit it below.
Thank you for pollinating the world with kindness!

New Good Deed

Helping mothers

I stock up on baby gerbers and oatmeal which I don’t use all of it so I often donate to moms in need who don’t qualify for WIC or have run out on benefits to feed their babies.


My husband was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and his coworker is treating us to dinner during restaurant week

Scott’s mom


Saying a compliment to a co worker

Helping a neighbor

We pulled the weeks in our neighbors back yard.


Recycle Furniture Gift

I took my old furniture that was in wonderful condition and gave it to a family that needed to support!


Thankful for any good gestures and positive vibes throughout the day


Giving to less fortunate, food, clothes

Free coffee ❤️

It’s Mother’s Day today and the honey foundation paid for my coffee!! Made my entire week!!