Good Deed:

Abandoned Knit Scarves Become Public “Love Notes”

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Hey there,

For Valentine’s month, I’ve been collecting knit and crochet scarves that people no longer want and using them to “yarn bomb” messages of love around my city.

I’ve always been saddened by the lovingly made scarves at the Goodwill Outlets, which are the last place where donated items are sold before being thrown away or sent overseas. I decided to use these scarves for their original purpose—to show love to others.

I sew the salvaged scarves together to form tapestries large enough to fit around street lights and telephone poles. I take down each temporary yarn graffiti piece at the end of the month or when it begins to show signs of wear.

You can see more photos of the Salvaged Stitches project and a video of the yard bombing process here:

Thanks for your time and remember–you are loved.

Jess Coppom
Crochet and Knit Designer