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New Good Deed

Spreading stress relieve kindness

I took my moms car to clean since she cant ever leave the house, and im going to fill up her tank and buy her and my grandfather groceries some things she doesnt have to worry about 💙

Caring for my family

My grandfather has stage 3 dementia and i am going over to make them breakfast cater to my grandpas needs and clean his home ❤️

The Free car wash on Dysart

Sometimes on Dysart by the tailgaters a group of high schoolers will give people a free car wash

Free coffee

Went to Starbucks this morning and the barista surprised me with a free drink. Thank u so much

Bought my drink

I was bought a free coffee from Starbucks.

Help those in need

We just started a clothing brand that is a nonprofit. All proceeds and donations go to building necessity bags for various shelters. Christ Rich Christ New is the name and we started in honor of my brother who passed away in August of 2023.

Helped a friend

I helped a friend pick everything up when they spilled their pencil case on the floor.


I paid for a girls prescription because she didn't have enough money, and she was expecting.


I bought a little girl, a snow cone when she did not have money.


I volunteered at an animal shelter