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Partnership and Volunteer Opportunities: The Honey Foundation

Everyone’s talking about random acts of kindness these days, with organizations popping up daily. That’s great! Now all we have to do is partner up, and we’ll bee one step closer to a world of compassion, unity, and generosity. Please reach out to us through the form below, and let’s do this together!

Sponsor Opportunities

Honey is everywhere! Lip balms, teas, spirits, ointments, smoothies, you name it, and there’s honey in it.  If your company has anything to do with honey, or you love the bee-utiful idea of people working together to better the world, please consider sponsoring The Honey Foundation! Click Here to Download or Print our Sponsorship Form: Honey Foundation Sponsorship Form

The Honey Foundation is always looking for strong worker bees to spread awareness of our kindness campaigns.

If you want to help the hive and volunteer at local events, we’ll help get you started and connect you with other worker bees in your area. Click on the button below to learn more about our upcoming events.