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Random Acts of Kindness Movement & Foundation

We beelieve the world receives hope through Kindness.

Kindness Movement

We bee-lieve the World receives hope, through Kindness. Every member of our “hive” is part of a global colony of do-gooders who prove daily that no matter how big the problems of the World may seem, any one of us can make a difference. All we have to do is take the time to show love, appreciation, and kindness to others. Like honey, Kindness never spoils. “Get Stung” by the random acts of kindness movement that’s sweeping the globe! The Honey Foundation makes compassion and generosity fun, with a tracking system to watch your good deeds spread.


The Honey Foundation’s vision is to live in a world dedicated to kindness. The youth are our future and if we educate them about life skills through kindness, we can teach the youth that being kind leads to happiness and success in life. The Kindness Education Program was developed to teach students the importance of performing acts of kindness along with basic life skills, such as positive self-esteem, confidence, effective communication, positive thinking, leadership, philanthropy and community.

Bee sure to visit the Kindness Education Programs page to learn how to create a kind community at a school near you.

Share Your Story

Kind stories spread fast! Register your good deeds here and watch your kindness spread across the world. Every story helps inspire new-bees to get out and perform more good deeds. Keep performing kindness and watch as your rank on The Swarm Leader Board flies sky high! There’s nothing better than competing for the sake of bettering the world. Being the Queen or King Bee isn’t half bad either!

Make sure to Get Supplies for pens, cards, and other ways to share your Honeybee ID with the people you show kindness to.

Kindness Education From The Honey Foundation

Every HoneyBee makes our colony stronger. And with our sweet educational programs, we give the Honey back.

The Honey Foundation’s mission is to inspire other to bee kind by sharing the stories of kind acts. We lead by example and start the habit of kindness. Help us to teach your students that kindness is the start of success. If you are a parent or educator interested in starting the movement of Kindness in your school please apply today.