Our Mission

Our goal is to make the world a better place by creating and nurturing a global community of connected individuals who value and promote giving, compassion, and kindness.

How it Works

Sign up here for your Honeybee ID, order stickers and supplies, do good, then give the lucky New-Bee a sticker, card, or pen so they can register the deed and sign up themselves. It’s that simple!

Sign Up

Give us your name and email address, and we’ll give you a Honeybee ID. This let’s the people whose lives you touch spread the word and join your Beehive.

Do Good

Honeybees help each other for the sake of the hive. As you do the same, hand out stickers, cards, and pens unique to your ID so New-Bees can join the movement!

Register & Track

As New-Bees register your kindness and join your Beehive, your Honey Meter rises! Track how each good deed you do spreads to more and more people doing right by each other.