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Pollinating Kindness

from The Hive in AZ

Our Family is in Park City, UT and we are sharing deed stickers and bracelets when performing acts of Kindness in town. We are opening doors, buying dinners for others, sharing kind stories and smiling always! So much fun!

Recorded by The Hive in AZ

Solar Angel

from Lydia in AZ

I was in line check to out at Walmart in the garden center. The lady running the check out was elderly and I hear her tell a co-worker she wanted to buy a solar angel for her husband’s grave but she could not afford it. I got one and put it in my cart. After… Read more »

Recorded by Lydia in AZ

Gifted Lotion

from Lydia in AZ

My elderly neighbor complimented the scent of my lotion so I bought her a bottle

Recorded by Lydia in AZ