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Deed Type: Other Kind Acts


from Kady in AZ

Today, a family came up to me as I was shopping and asked me for directions. I have not lived in Arizona for very long, but I wanted to help them as much as I could. I told them which way to go and which cross streets they should look for. At first, they were… Read more »

Recorded by Kady in AZ

Mother cat and kittens

from Lydia in AZ

Found a sick mother cat and her 1 day old kittens in Buckeye 6 weeks ago. Worked with Buckeye Veterinary Services to save them and find homes for them all. Thank you to the staff at Buckeye Veterinary Services for all of your support!!!!

Recorded by Lydia in AZ

Cleaning lunch room

from Odyssey in AZ

Skipping recess to help clean up after lunch without being asked or prompted.

Recorded by Lyla in AZ

Rewarding Kindness

from The Hive in AZ

I noticed a little boy helping his little sister tie her shoes. I gave him a Honey Foundation bracelet to let him know I noticed his kind act.

Recorded by The Hive in AZ


from Kurt in NE

I helped a sub cary some of his bages to his room.

Recorded by Lauren in NE


from Kurt in NE

i folded clothes and took out the trash

Recorded by travis in NE