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Deed Type: Gift


from The Hive in AZ

I received an awesome gift from a sweet friend Just BEEcause!

Recorded by The Hive in AZ


from Lydia in AZ

I baked blueberry lemon muffins and took roses to my friend who broke her ankle

Recorded by Lydia in AZ


from Lydia in AZ

I delivered roses from my rose garden to my neighbors

Recorded by Lydia in AZ

Sweet friend

from The Hive in AZ

My son came home and told me that he used his smoothie money to buy his friend a smoothie because his friend didn’t have any money.

Recorded by The Hive in AZ

Spring Training

from Victoria in AR

Heard a fellow co-worker wanted to take her family to a spring training game so later that week i was able to get them tickets to enjoy. When she tried paying me back i just told her to make sure her daughters have a good time.

Recorded by Brian in AZ

Dinner for Two

from The Hive in AZ

We paid for a mother and son’s dinner at P.F. Chang’s.

Recorded by The Hive in AZ


from The Hive in AZ

Organized a 5-Day Kindness Challenge for my children. It has been so fun.

Recorded by The Hive in AZ

Straight from the heart

from The Hive in AZ

Got the most amazing heartfelt thoughtful gift today that blessed me so much that my heart is just flooded with love, joy, peace and kindness. A gift straight from the heart that I will cherish forever!

Recorded by Mellissa in AZ

Valentine’s Day Treat

from Jackson in AZ

I got the sweetest Valentine’s Day necklace today from my scholar Jackson. He also gave me a very cute note that said, “Teaching is your greatest Superpower!” It just put a smile on my face! Thank you!!

Recorded by Jill in AL

Donut Gift

from Oasis in AZ

Today a young customer bought a chocolate donut to take home for her younger brother, who loves our donuts. 🙂

Recorded by Oasis in AZ