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Good Deeds

Mother cat and kittens

from Lydia in AZ

Found a sick mother cat and her 1 day old kittens in Buckeye 6 weeks ago. Worked with Buckeye Veterinary Services to save them and find homes for them all. Thank you to the staff at Buckeye Veterinary Services for all of your support!!!!

Recorded by Lydia in AZ

Clothing Donation

from Lydia in AZ

Donated 20 pairs of shoes and purses, 4 tubs of professional clothing, and jewelry to Dress for Success

Recorded by Lydia in AZ

Donation to Summer Youth Program

from Lydia in AZ

Made a donation to the Summer Youth Program sponsored by retired police officers in Maricopa County and will be teaching 3 classes about interviewing and work place etiquette for juniors and seniors this summer

Recorded by Lydia in AZ

Pho soup 👍

from Victoria in AR

You made our day with you kindness. Thank you so much your truly appreciated.

Recorded by Anthony

Spreading Kindness

from The Hive in AZ

Our entire HIVE hosted a Giant Food festival, Flavors of the West, for 3,000 + people to spread kindness and help local restaurants!

Recorded by The Hive in AZ

Buying Lunch for a classmate

from Hayley in AZ

Hayley bought lunch for a classmate that didn’t have a lunch at school.

Recorded by The Hive in AZ


from Jessica in NJ

Patrick helped his mother with laundry.

Recorded by tim in NJ

Humane Society Donation

from Lydia in AZ

Greg and I donated 200 pounds of dog food to the humane society this week

Recorded by Lydia in AZ